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At Allstar Insulation, an insulation business based in Waco, Texas, we offer comprehensive packages to help you combat the scorching Texas heat. Our expertise lies in an array of energy-saving services to enhance your home's energy efficiency. Upgrading your home's insulation can significantly decrease your overall energy consumption and reduce your annual energy expenses.


According to, inspecting and maintaining insulation levels periodically is recommended to ensure optimal functionality. It is crucial to normalize energy consumption and avoid excessive utility bills. We suggest seeking the services of a professional contractor to carry out the examination and follow their recommendations, as it can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.


Allstar Insulation offers a comprehensive range of energy-saving solutions and services that cater to the diverse needs of homeowners. These offerings include attic insulation, fiberglass insulation, radiant barrier insulation, and home energy audits. When it comes to attic insulation, it is crucial to note that it can be installed using fiberglass blankets, loose-fill insulation, or a combination of the two. Additionally, the insulation should be installed evenly throughout and should extend above the top of the floor joists. Allstar Insulation takes pride in ensuring that the insulation in the eaves matches that in the middle portion of the attic to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and cost savings for our valued customers.

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